....And where the story begins:

Hmmm.....where does one develop a taste for the wonderful world of circus? After watching the Shrine Circus, Ringling Bothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, or Cirque du Soleil? Born into the Flying Wallendas family?

For Amy Ell it was fate....as a young girl, Amy just wanted to dance (her mother was hoping it would cure her infallible clumsiness). Her father had other plans....in hopes of grooming a future competitive diver, he enrolled his daughter in gymnastics. Torn away from the ballet barre, Amy braved this new acrobatic world. She realized that once airborn she was at home.

Ok, so Amy didn't stick with gymnastics for more than 4 years but it made an impression (to this day she is a whiz on the trampoline). Back to dance she went! Then in 1989 in her first performing stint with Sarah Irwin's NovoMama Dance Company, Amy was exposed to the wonderful world of aerial dance. Since that day she has gone on to study with Robert Davidson in Seattle, WA (Skinner Release Technique on the trapeze 1991), Carmela Weber in Boulder, Colorado (Vertical Dance on a rock climbing wall 1999), and Fran Sperling in NYC (lyra, fabric, and still trapeze 2006). Most recently she has had the privilege to study with Cathy Gauch (Aircat Productions) and Darden Longenecker(Frequent Flyer Productions) in Boulder, CO (fabric, static trapeze, Spanish web), Perpetual Motion Modern Dance in Oklahoma City, OK (single point trapeze), Blue Lapis Light in Austin, TX (fabric, harness), Ileigh Reynolds of Animate Objects Physical Theater in Miami, FL (fabric, static trapeze), Elsie Smith, Serenity Smith Forchion, and Bill Forchion of New England Center for the Circus Arts in Brattleboro, VT (fabric, static trapeze, straps, Chinese pole), Toronto Center for Circus Arts (fabric, static trapeze), Fred Deb'in Cork, Ireland(fabric), and most recently working with Freb Deb', Jacques Bertrand, and Sarah Poole (National Circus School) at Cie Drapes Aerians' Aerial Festival in La Baule, France.

Today Amy feels lucky to have the space and knowledge to share aerial dance and fitness with Houston movers.



VauLt Aerial Trapeze & Lyra™ Beginner 1  *Date Change*

Instructor: Amy Ell

Dates: September 5-7, 2014
Times: Friday @ 1-6pm, Saturday @ 1-6pm, Sunday @ 12-4pm
Cost: $475 ($400 course fee, $75 nonrefundable studio fee)
Location: VauLt Houston
1824 Spring Street #124
Houston, TX 77007
For more information or registration contact: Emily Jesse at emily@gyrotonichouston.com

$75 Nonrefundable Studio Fee- Guarantees your spot in training.